The market is hot despite Summer being too short this year in Lakes Country

Despite cooler temperatures and Summer being too short this year we are experiencing a very active real estate market in Lakes Country.

Many properties are selling quickly and buyers have to act unusually fast this season. Why? One can blame a long winter and late start into the selling season pushing buyers into fall to purchase. Another reason can be that there are fewer properties available for sale and to choose from.

We also have experienced many sales transactions during the past 5 years and we feel that a lot of the past buyers are enjoying lake life so much today, they are not willing to sell again at this point. That means we have even fewer properties available. Lakeshore properties are unique and scarce. They just don’t make more lake shore.

The real estate market in Lakes Country is very different from a growing metro area. When the city grows you can simply turn a field into a new development. However, most lakes have already been developed and again they don’t make any more. Also, many families hand down their cabin from generation to generation which makes it even harder for someone “new” to find their own lake home.

Each lake is different and before considering to purchase one should always find out what it is they want out of their lake. Swimming, fishing, or boating—everybody has their own priority. Since a lake cabin is a second home for most buyers, the location is also critical because of the weekend commute. There are many more factors such as elevation, lake shore, water clarity, and set back regulations to name a few which have a significant impact on property demand and evaluation.

We recommend a local expert to assist you with your property search because we know the area and market best. And we will make sure that you will be ready when the right property hits the market. Contact any of our local sales agents and lake life experts to help you find your home in Lakes Country. We know a place for you.

Dirk Ockhardt

Dirk Ockhardt