OPEN HOUSE TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10TH, 2017 @ 4:00 - 6:00PM

Please join us for an open house at our new office at 318 West Main Street in Perham on
Tuesday, October 10th @ 4:00 - 6:00pm


New full-service advertising agency moves into Matz & Greiff garage in Perham which was established in 1927. The agency has renovated the historic building preserving its character and utilizing the open shop concept for their creative work space. The raw and industrial atmosphere of the original garage delivers the newly founded group an inspirational environment for their creative projects. The owner, Dirk Ockhardt, liked the name Matz & Greiff because he studied in Greifswald, Germany and kept the original name, adding a Griffon, the city’s symbol, in memory of his time spent there as well as building on the history made in the former garage.


At Matz & Greiff we look at the past to learn and take the today to create the future for our clients. With our comprehensive group background, we achieve success stories for our partners in radio, TV, print, live or online. In our think tank environment, we develop design work, plan events or reinvent an entire brand identity to enhance our clients’ business success.

Explore our service divisions and let us build your new brand strategy.

We are proud to name a few of our current projects and publications: LAKE LIFE WKND podcast, Explore Lake Life Expo Fargo and Minnesota’s LAKE LIFE magazine. For more details, please contact us directly at (218) 841-6433 or go to

Dirk Ockhardt