Higher return on your investment


Growing a business demands efficient use of your resources and proper communication of your company's story. We offer to analyze your business practice to maximize your profitability and will present a customized strategy for more return on your investments. Think of it as a health check up for your business –we will make your business more successful.

The J.Chivers Business Advisory group is a comprehensive partner for growing businesses. Today’s dynamic environment may have a direct impact on an organization’s bottom line. It can be challenging to keep up with changing consumer behaviors and market developments. We consult our clients on business strategies to stay on track and advise them during the growth process. Our services make businesses more successful.


In many cases, growth is more than physical space demands. It may also mean expanding the identity and reach of a company’s brand. We analyze the status quo of a company’s profitability; identify additional market opportunities; exploit a company’s brand identity; and, together with our advertising partner, develop new marketing strategies to increase cash flow and revenue. Our goal is to keep a business successful.


Jack Chivers has been buying and selling commercial real estate since 1966. Using the extensive network built over the past five decades, we help our clients locate retail property, production and storage facilities or vacant land for a new development in Minnesota and North Dakota. Buying and selling commercial real estate properties is the cornerstone of our business advisory services.


The merger and acquisition process has multiple stages which we will guide our clients through smoothly. We will develop growth strategies based on our client’s goals and offer due diligence services including market research to prepare our clients pursue the right opportunity and receive the best value from their transaction. Our goal is to provide solutions for our clients to achieve their unique growth objectives.

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