Owning Hunting Land by Mike Brown

Like most hunters, I always dreamt of having my own hunting land to enjoy with my family and friends.  One day as I was driving down the road to hunt on a piece of public land, I noticed a “for sale” sign, in an area I knew produced some big deer.  I called the realtor to inquire about the property.  The property consisted of 36 acres, with food plots in place, a couple deer stands and CRP income.  The property was mostly grassland, but I knew that area held a lot of deer and produced nice bucks.  The land was priced similarly to that of a new vehicle.  I began calling banks to inquiry about what it would take to buy a piece of land.  What I found out surprised me.  This piece of land was affordable!  For less than making a monthly vehicle payment, my wife (who is very open and understanding I might add) and I could own this 36 acres!  We got our banks approval, made an offer, and a few weeks later, we closed on our own piece of land. 

We had some great hunts on that little piece of ground, where my wife shot her first deer, and I shot 4 great bucks that are now hanging in my trophy room, along with many pheasants, and even learned the fine art of trapping out there.  We put a lot of sweat equity into the land, re enrolling the property into another CRP contract, planting thousands of trees, building permanent deer stands and expanding the food plots on the property. 

Fast forward to present day, where I, along with my realty partner, Mike Summers, now help other families make their dreams come true and own their own land.  As realtors specializing in hunting land, we can work with you to determine your budget.  Once you have an idea of what you can afford, we will begin searching areas that you would like to own for your own hunting property.  We can also provide information of lenders that will finance recreational property.  If you own your own home, you can also look at doing a home equity loan.  Some sellers will also finance the property under a contract for deed.  These can be for any period of time and set up to make payments that fit in your budget.  After the contract, the remaining balance will be due in a balloon payment.  Whatever option works best for your budget, we can work with you. 

Once your budget and financing options are identified, we can begin the search to find the property in the location that you would prefer.  We will spend time walking and analyzing the property with you and help you identify potential stand locations, food plot sites, etc.  If the property is right for you, we will write up an offer, negotiate, and assist you through the closing process on your new hunting land! 

By Mike Brown

Dirk Ockhardt